PonyCycle® New Premium Model X

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PonyCycle® New Premium Model X

Sep 25, 2023

Love at First Sight — That's Model X!

Each PonyCycle® is a symbol of childhood happiness, a time when there’s a whole world to discover, and the spirit of adventure can ride high on a pony.

PonyCycle® knows that to be irreplaceable, one must always be special. Launched with great fanfare, the Model X is a new generation of the PonyCycle® premium collection — combining classic and beloved features with fresh innovations in design, function and comfort that reveal a sense of nobility and the dedication and sincerity of the brand.

Shine a Light into Their Childhood and Give Them a “Real” Pony to Love & Ride

With an even greater degree of realism, the Model X is built on extensive studies in design in order to achieve more precise shapes and angles of the head and facial features, including a perfect jawline, a straight nose, and strong cheek muscles — for vivid details full of lovable personality.

With bright, beautiful and crystal-like eyes that inspire a loving nature, the Model X is a child’s best friend and has all the qualities of trust, loyalty, and good character that kids love about ponies. Who wouldn’t want to be its friend?

With a slight part in its mouth, maybe it’s telling a little story, or just wants a carrot to eat! The Model X has child-friendly features that add wonder to make-believe and let kids have fun in their own special ways. It’s time to start listening and taking care of your friend!

Like a real pony, it can be a true friend to a child. From spending time together to riding and exploring, there’s always fun to be shared. As long as friends are together, even tough times will become good.

Gallop into a Colorful World of Playtime

The Model X comes in four vibrant colors and an extremely fine coat of soft-finished fabric that’s irresistible to the touch. The fur thickness and density are uniquely designed for comfort and cuddling while highlighting the majestic pony shape.

The exquisite embroidery on the unicorn appears as blooming flowers that give it an elegant touch, with a fine-finished process clearly visible in the texture of every stitch.

The rainbow unicorn rears up in high spirits to show off its splendid coat touched by a ray of rainbow come from the sky, etched with bright and dazzling colors that inspire an enchanting world of fantasy and fairy tales.

Ergonomic Pedal Design, Playful Color Wheel Features & Minimalist White Packaging

The finely crafted pedal offers a safe and responsive riding experience with firm construction and an easy touch that lets children free their feet and pedal with ease.

The Model X features new designs and color combinations applied to the wheels, with two brisk colors—yellow and blue—that alternate as the wheels turn and appear to emit colored light for the perfect finishing touch to the riding experience and a different kind of fun.

Refined and sustainable packaging conveys the Model X’s distinction of quality, with innovatively designed emblematic pure white channeling the brand’s pursuit of perfection.

In every way, the Model X embodies the PonyCycle® brand's spirit in the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

It offers a simple, practical and high-end experience that children will love. Parents can give their children a rich and colorful world to play in without effort or worry. Let them gallop and roam free to their heart’s content in a land of endless discovery and adventure.

The design of Model X better illustrates the mission of PonyCycle®: to bring joy into the world by creating unique and fun ride-on toys.

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