Some best non-electronic creative gifts for kids

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Some best non-electronic creative gifts for kids

Nov 20, 2021
Some best non-electronic creative gifts for kids
Yes, I know you want to prepare some really unique, creative gifts for kids. That’s would be great if it is the non-electronic kids gift. Let’s face it, if you look at your kid’s Christmas wish list, I bet it is filled with things like phones, tablets, video games, and other items that would keep their noses firmly planted in their electronic world!
Here I sort out some really great gifts and benefit kids toys:
  •  #Kite
  •  #Scooters and ride-on toys
  •  #Coloring books / Arts and Crafts
  •  #Lego Blocks
  •  #Chess Game

Why these are some of the best non-electronic gifts ideas for children.

  • Kite
Non-electronic  Toy Kite
Flying kites is a typical childhood pastime in America, yet when we grow older, we tend to forget how much fun it can be. Being able to navigate a kite as the wind tugs it every which way in the sky can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family.


Scooting comes with many health benefits, especially for kids as they learn and develop. Children love to feel independent. Bikes and scooters give them that feeling, placing them among the most popular gifts for kids.
PonyCycle ride on unicorn and horse-the combination of Scooter, plush, rocking horse all in one, make it the most unique and popular non-electric toy. The Ponycycle ride on toy rides like a real pony and is kid powered. Kids love it, they enjoy the galloping motion.
There’s exercise involved in it. They have to move their legs to make PonyCycle go, and the faster they move their legs, the faster the unicorn/pony goes.” The small hands can gear the wooden bar to the right direction.
When riding a PonyCycle pony, you need to alternate tight and loose muscles. When the body quickly straightens due to the pressure of stepping on the foot, the muscles stretch. The second stage is to bend the body to relax the back and abdominal muscles. By alternating and repetitively, muscles can be strengthened and joints can be moved.
PonyCycle toys are fun and creative, which is a perfect suit for a Christmas gift!
  • Coloring books / Arts and Crafts
Non-electronic arts and crafts

Arts and crafts usually require kids to use both hands in a certain manner, which can help them develop fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. For example, drawing dots and lines, cutting with scissors, and even simply tearing a piece of paper are all quite demanding tasks in terms of dexterity – and kids enjoy doing them.

  • Lego Blocks
non-electronic Lego

Using Lego bricks is a great opportunity to build advanced motor skills! Using Lego minifigures and building blocks with other companions can enable children to acquire the same skills they have learned in dramatic games or using dollhouses.
Sense of accomplishment
When my children complete their amazing works of art, they will show me their creations. They made incredible pride, good for the hands and the heart!
Building a house with Lego bricks can sometimes be heartbreaking. A wrong action caused a beautiful tower to collapse.
At first, this was frustrating. I learned that children who often use Lego bricks will not fail because of this. Instead, they did it again.
I even accidentally destroyed the masterpiece. I am always surprised when I hear "it’s okay, I can build it again!"

  • Chess Game or some board games
Non-electronic Chess Game

When playing chess, the most active part of the human body is the brain. Since the brain works like a muscle, it needs regular exercise to stay healthy and avoid injury.
In fact, this is the process by which the tree branches transmit signals from other nerve cells to the neurons to which they are attached. Therefore, learning chess at a young age will make dendrites grow without stopping. Since learning chess is a continuous activity, many dendrites grow.
Smart people play chess.
Chess is definitely a game that can improve children's IQ, which is not surprising. A study showed that 4000 boys and girls in Venezuela all showed IQ scores after 4 months of chess training.
It improves children’s problem-solving skills
In our fast-developing world, every day, we face many problems and obstacles at every step of our lives. Some problems are being solved, and some are not solved because of lack of problem solving ability.

  • Play dough
Non-electronic play dough

It develops fine motor skills
Squeezing, rolling, and pulling equal movements can help your child exercise the muscles in his hands to facilitate future fine motor movements, such as holding a pen or using scissors. When your child molds plasticine into different shapes, they are actually using their little hands to build strength.
It's calming for children
Just like you drew out a smooth pressure ball from time to time, squeezing the plasticine is very helpful to calm your child. Playing with clay can help relieve tension, release excess energy, improve concentration and express emotions. If your child feels stressed, please sit down in a plasticine container and watch their worries disappear.
It encourages creativity
No matter how many colors you have, your child can make countless ideas from dough. Creating objects from scratch will encourage your child to expand their imagination and think in new ways.

Let's see what research says about Harmful Effects on electric products:
Whether you keep the TV on all the time or the whole family members sits around staring at their smartphones, too much screen time could be harmful. Here's what some of the research says:
  • Behavior problems: Elementary school-age children who watch TV or use a computer more than 2 hours per day are more likely to have emotional, social, and attention problems.
Early data from a landmark National Institutes of Health (NIH) study that began in 2018 indicates that children who spent more than two hours a day on screen-time activities scored lower on language and thinking tests
  • Educational problems: Elementary school-age children who have televisions in their bedrooms do worse on academic testing.
Screens could inhibit certain aspects of a child’s development by narrowing their focus of interest and limiting their other means of exploration and learning
  • Obesity: Too much time engaging in sedentary activity, such as watching TV and playing video games, can be a risk factor for becoming overweight.1
  • Sleep problems: Although many parents use TV to wind down before bed, screen time before bed can backfire. The light emitted from screens interferes with the sleep cycle in the brain and can lead to insomnia.2
Setting limits on computers and game time is important, but just setting limits will only make you bored. To truly strike a balance between the electronic and non-electronic worlds of your children, you need to provide them with interesting choices.

Have you decided which to choose this Christmas?
I highly recommend the PonyCycle ride on horse toys, it will surprise your little ones in this special holiday season. It's the best gift for kids.

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